Message of the Chair
Dear students,
As the Department of Economics, Yıldız Technical University, we aim to equip you with theoretical knowledge and applied techniques of economics, which are required for understanding, explaining and proposing remedies for economic and social problems in an ever changing and globalizing world.
Though you may initially find excessively theoretical and abstract, I am confident that as you will proceed in your courses, you will understand how important and how extraordinary a science economics is in understanding and shaping individual and social life and in the future like it as your field of specialization or your job.
We request you to benefit the four-year process ahead of you, which will be remembered as one of the best periods of your lives, in the best way you can and enjoy it as well.
Despite the common view, university education is not delivered by professors but is acquired by students. Please do not confine yourselves with the knowledge we give you and do not hesitate to ask us questions on issues you do not understand or are not convinced about. Since social issues can be viewed through many points, do not forget to utilize publications on economics and other social sciences, other than your textbooks.
Do also not forget that you live in one of the most beautiful cities of the world and you are studying in one of the best universities of our country. Try to make the best out of the social, cultural and artistic activities provided by the city and our university. Erasmus Programme, for instance, is a very good opportunity to broaden your view of the world. Always maintain warm relations with our institution and your friends; you will see how marvellous is the power coming from unity.
Always remember that we are and will always stand by you.
With all my affection.
Prof.Dr.Murat Donduran
Head of Department